Ordinary Miracles

In the enneagram, I have to admit to being of a 4ish type disposition… fun huh? Romantic, (which usually means highly capable of minding other people’s business) moody, (I am just thinking!)- hyper analytical!!,  self absorbed!? depressed!?, fanatically insistent on perceiving lack, over-emotional, fixated on life being dramatic, big REALLY BIG… hmm, let’s see what else..oh right… I can be paralyzed by the need to be outstandingly original. SO?

I did a blog while I was traveling around the world for months. Just to keep in touch with everyone I know. In it was the wonder of everyday because every day there was something new and exciting and unexpected, mostly because I wasn’t expecting anything.

I am doing this to re-mind myself.



There are miracles, beauty, astounding moment to moment to moment that makes up an everyday. Where ever I am, what ever state (see above) I am experiencing.

The day will iron them down into the fabric of my life.

Just two of today’s moments of amazement… these grapes and the funny bug.


Not to mention the miracle of learning internet blogging!

My great grandfathers were alive when I was a teenager. They found the world astounding…tape recorders, records, telephones, cars. this would be in the realm of magic. It is, isn’t it?


~ by Elaine Berglund on 24/09/2009.

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