My practice on this trip, this one to Paris specifically, as opposed to the one of this life -mine, in general, is based on the statement made by a shaman in Wade Davis’s -The Way Finders. Massey Lectures.

I am still. It is the world that is moving to meet me.

Greeting me, meeting me, embracing me, amazing me, offering –always- these pleasures…


Eggs and Ham on toast! Holy heck! yummy!

I always have the idea that it would be great to eat at a restaurant every meal. Moderation. It would be a tragedy of epic proportions to get tired of croissants and baguettes.

There are all these stores fruits and vegetables. Alimentation General.

Fortunately we are staying at an apartment. It has a kitchen.

Yesterday… (the sweeping cello music , please)

it was snowing…here is a picture of snow in Paris. (For all the people in the further northern climates that will, I am sure, not find it an exotic image at all, I can only say…Look at the amazing buildings! And there is a very high probability that some famous dead person may have walked right past them. The ghosts of history.

Dwell on your dreams, give your precious energy to this moment rather than a dying past.

And as I walked along the cobblestone streets beside La Seine, feeling the love, the gratitude, the beauty, the slight nip in the air, admiring the view I did a slight trip on the uneven ground. Wow I thought looking down how do these women manage with high he… hello! A Gold Wedding Band!

Paris gave me a golden wedding ring. It fits perfectly.

(If you have lost it let me know I would love to have the story of how it came back to the person that used it as exchange in vows.)

There are more words in this post because I discovered that my camera had been quietly sitting in the ‘on’ position in my bag all night. Little dickens. So it was very sleepy for the Musée d’Orsay and

completely comatose for the Matisse Rodin sculptures Exhibiton, which was too bad becausethe Musée Rodin building is very interesting. According to the brochure, which has many facts -Isadora Duncan gave lessons in it. Matisse rented rooms. The grounds, even in the winter, are amazing. TREES.

Impressionist. Post impressionist


I love the feeling that comes up to greet me when I see the actual painting. A breathe-taking recognition. Like when you come across someone you know unexpectedly. I love this… because it is right here that I can see so much more than the narrow place of what I think I know.

All of them were like this Monet, Pissaro (which were quite mystical There was one in particular that I felt myself standing beside him as he painted) Toulouse-Lautrec ..but the Degas pieces were particularly so.



I am still. It is life that is moving toward me.


~ by Elaine Berglund on 07/01/2010.

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