Ordinary Miracles – The Cookie and a Swim

gingerspice...hey isn't that ??

Ginger snaps. Tell ya what.. Find any old gingersnap recipe and add twice the amount of spices -ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves (maybe not so generous with the cloves) and less sugar because the cinnamon will get sweetness and more molasses. And 2 tsp of ground cardamon. Cook them for only about 12 minutes so they are still a little squishy in the center. Let them dry out for a day which means… Don’t eat them the first day. You will be happy for this advice.
OK. just try one so you will know the difference.
Day 2  Choice #1 -begin by tasting one cookie. How is that texture, huh? How about the blending of the spices,huh?  Eat them all. Don’t share. It may take all day but really, it can be done.
Bon Appetit! Choice #2 Leave them for one more day because they will taste even better.  Then follow choice #1 suggestion.

Inspiration story    ……#93

pomagranate in a blue bowl

(this is a random interesting picture…I am seeing if the subconscious has a message for me…or perhaps it is for you?)

In 2003/4 I was an aquasize intructor for the City of Edmonton. These classes were scheduled throughout the day from early morning to evenings at community swimming pools throughout the city. As an instructor I had my own pool location and times but I did do ‘subbing’ for other instructors. It did not take too many classes to realize that the spirit of the older crowd was what really made the job fun. Spontaneous themes could lead to planned silliness. The witty and wry comments, the flatout acceptance of life, one’s self and others.

They made the pool time a social event. Exercise and a birthday celebration, Exercise and tea, Exercise and dessert exchange. At some of the pools a group would go out to meet at the nearby mall, at others it was possible to meet in the large staff kitchen.  As a wisdom of life, it seemed to sum up as
-There is always a very good reason for cake.- (good book title really…hmm heady.)

I got a lot of comments from the people that participated in the classes. It occurred  to me that we were in it together. I wanted to let these women know how much I appreciated them. I handed out this letter…

“The League of Extraordinary Women and a few Men

You, individually and as a group, are part of a very elite group of people. People that not only think about it but actually chose to live an active life and get out there and do it.

You inspire, astound and amaze me. You are a testament to spirit and humanity. I see that each and everyone of you has lived all the experiences that life offers us and nothing has stopped you. You show up at these classes no matter what the weather, you laugh, you sing, you exercise and you celebrate! You get new knees, you get new hips and you just keep going!

You are extraordinary!

It is a scientific fact.  Here are the statistics based on population of the world in 2003.
In the province of Alberta the number of people between the age of 65 and beyond is 325,500 people.
You are .006% of the population in the age group 60-75 of Alberta.
It reduces even further to .0003% if we use the population of Canada.
Now the total Canadian population is .45% of the world population.
So in the world you are part of .000007% of one percent of the entire world population!

And you do your part.

Thank you for all the wonderful time you share with me. It is a gift that I will cherish forever. ”

It is years later and there are still stories that to remember, bring me to tears, with laughter.



~ by Elaine Berglund on 02/02/2010.

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