Ordinary Miracles- Flowers, Apples, Raspberries

hmmm, so the wonder of today… food, yes.. and here are the images.. the gigantic apple pie made with granny smith soury apples, lemon zest, cinnamon, a little (too much) vanilla in the sugar, and the quick mix up pie crust dough with egg, vinegar and a touch of baking soda. It makes that crunchy melt in your mouth. Put a couple of tablespoons of flour in the bottom of the crust if you think the apples    will be too watery.

Tonight’s dessert!

Happy making flowers from the birthday celebrations.  World of wonders how each of the flowers have their strategy to grow. I can just stare at them for hours. All the different kinds and colors and shapes… sexy stuff these flowers.

The pancakes!  with the raspberry syrup… the home-made raspberry jam, a little lemon, some sugar water heat and drizzle over the eggy pancakes. Breakfast was ready!

Water, the shower, the coffee smell wafting through the air, the cats slithering around my ankles. The sunshine. Eggs in a bowl whisking. The possibility of rain. Quick good bye kisses because the chances are pretty good that we’ll meet again in a few hours. The thought to make a pie, the fact that there are apples. Eating some of the peelings.

The smell of pastry cooking. Dishes to wash up. Soap bubbles. Walking up and down the stairs. Ordinary.

Green grass poking through the snow.  Just ordinary miracles… Like the color of that green.


~ by Elaine Berglund on 29/03/2010.

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