Ordinary Miracles Wonder LAND

A group of us went to see Alice in Wonderland 3D … the matinee.  Just on a lark, we chose Tuesday… the miracle is…

On Tuesday the tickets are 1/2 price and… AND… Telus buys you a drink and popcorn!

(What a surprise! I had taken out a small loan from the bank to pay for this movie excursion. Now I can buy the Manolo Blahnik shoes! Tsk, fiscal responsibility?!)

The theatre was not empty but the perfect seats were. Slightly over 1/2 way up and center.  Things are flying right at one, with the lovely hornrimed looking 3D glasses.  Wowawowawow. Technology. Imagination.

I would rave about the movie, I would love to rave about it.. I will say…It is a beauty.  I recommend it.

Still …Where is everyone on Tuesdays?

Full credit and copyright on these photos goes to the Alice inWonderland movie site…


~ by Elaine Berglund on 30/03/2010.

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