Ordinary Miracles Sun Shine Waffles Walking and an Orange Shrug

Do I have to state a point to everything?  Does have to be all tied in up and relevant? Today here are some of the ‘just is’ ordinary miracles.

Waffles. LOML(do you know this one? Love of my Life) style. Roasted coarse ground hazelnut waffles!  A spot of nutella or maple syrup… your choice. They are also pretty fine straight up.

The sun shining through the window and the Marcello cat curls up in the clean sheets he has found…they were just tossed on the bed.

We went for a walk to and in the ravine. Pictures along the way a pond through the fence.

And we met this cat along the way.

When we got home we had lunch. Pasta and a Caesar Salad which sounds all exotic Italian …

miaam miam  Kraft dinner. The dressing for the salad was shredded Piave Vecchio, lemon juice, dijon mustard, crushed garlic, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce.

Home made croutons.  Chop up frozen bread or buns and saute in butter.

If you put enough garlic in the dressing, that is it. But if you have a keen interest in garlic.. add  fresh garlic sliced thin to the bread fry up. Why not?

And… what to do with this orange sweater? I love this baked pumpkin color of orange and some of the details on the sweater but it was never a comfortable length.  It is much shorter, zippered, another collar and AND very useful as an accent piece. (if you wish to know the details of how this transformation was done, just let me know in the comment section, I will get back to you.)

Those there are the 3D glasses that one gets at the theatre.

They work everywhere!!

What is happening with that script…? humm?
so far our Character Grace has
-woken up with some very interesting information from a conversation she with GAUD.
-shared this with other Characters
That is all I can really say so far. oh…
So far. I am getting acquainted with the program for writing scripts. Ordinary Miracles!


~ by Elaine Berglund on 02/04/2010.

2 Responses to “Ordinary Miracles Sun Shine Waffles Walking and an Orange Shrug”

  1. Hey. Did you Canadians already get the 36 hour day? Or is the appearance of such just another Ordinary Miracle?

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