Ordinary Miracles Sunday! Crepes Sunshine and Rouladen

I got the groceries this morning around 8 am.  I love this set up that the flowers greet you first. Tulips! Good Morning!

LES Pancrepes!

thin, eggy pancakes… thicker than a crepe so there is a little more bounce in the bite.

A dot of apricot jam does it!


Rouladen and Baked Potates

Even though it is a warm and sunny day, we are going with the mushroom rouladen… because it has been on the craving list.  I looked up some recipes on the internet and decided to do my own.  I have mushrooms!  So I stuffed the meat with the bacon and onions and mushrooms, seared it.  Into the oven, is it warm in here? for an hour and 1/2 in a sauce of beer, worchestershire sauce, balsamic vinegar, and beef bouillon. I made the mushroom sauce separately, with stabilized milk and  sour cream. Adding milky stuff to vinegary stuff can go horribly clotty, so only do it if you are feeling lucky, punk.  Or. let’s say, you don’t have mushrooms, sour cream, etc… use a can of mushroom soup.

Nice vintage glass  oven pan,hmm?

crunchy salad -mixed greens, carrots, cabbage-red and green, pea pods, green onion, broccoli, red and green pepper.

The dressing – balsamic vinegar, white vinegar, sunflower oil, brown sugar, garlic, worchestershire sauce, mustard. in salad dressing proportions.

Chocolate Ice Cream for afters  !

As always… if you have any thoughts or questions… leave a comment.. I will answer!


~ by Elaine Berglund on 18/04/2010.

One Response to “Ordinary Miracles Sunday! Crepes Sunshine and Rouladen”

  1. I have never had crepes, but those flowers and that salad look just delightful! Makes me hungry. I think I’ll join Weight Watchers today. I think far too much of food…

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