Ordinary Miracles Spring Blizzards and Apple Strudel

Holy gorgeous morning!  The heavy wet snow of above  zero is pushed hard by the wind, outlines everything.  There is a most amazing smell at this temperature in the snow rain.  It enhances the shape of everything. Crystallized.

for example… Tulips   a couple days agoTulips this morning.  Astounding. The Weather.  So much, so very much, depends on the weather.

So we went for a big splooshy walk, you just have to enjoy these days, they are so evanescent. Shoveled heavy snow. Took lots of pictures of shapes of things.

And decided that Apple Studel would be a marvelous supper
and it was..


Whipped cream with powdered sugar and Calvados.   wow.   It  so   goooooooooooood!


~ by Elaine Berglund on 04/05/2010.

2 Responses to “Ordinary Miracles Spring Blizzards and Apple Strudel”

  1. whoa! your poor tulips! Cool pics Elaine, your apple strudel looks devine!

  2. The weather can just turn on a dime, can’t it? But oh that apple strudel! It looks marvelous!

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