Ordinary Miracles -Pink Lady Apples and Seeds

Pink lady apples in the sunlight. These are soooo gooooooood. Crisp and sweet and …a lovely sour surprise!

Don’t ya just love the drama of the weather? Sunlight and warmth and clouds and rain and wind driving it so hard the floor is wet 2 meters in. Wow. (the windows were open…just to be clear.)

Or the drama of cats. I am roused from my meditative practice of breathing by a couple of dull thuds. Odd.
LoML calls out… ‘You have to see this.’ oh oh.
The clay pot African Violet collection, is not longer in the cat safe position on a narrow window ledge. They are in a tumult of dirt and broken leaves and, astounding, unbroken pots! on the table.
I confess to being too agitated to take a photo and to being one of ‘those pet people’ that does believe that cats can be reasoned with.
Vacuum. Great… we have a brand new shop vac! Mind the area rugs. Re-pot the plants. Great. They need the watering. Wash the window and ledge… Great. A niggling job done. Put everything back.

10…9…8… the cat is on the table jumping into the plants! What the …!!!

A FLY! and irresistible fly. (I knew there had to be an explanation…he is such a good little, smittle, lovey smooshy… )

Seeds. Sweet pea seeds from last year. Genius design, hmmm? The pod curls and holds the seeds apart. This would land in the dirt and open so the seeds can root and make more sweet peas. Little poppy seeds, carrot and lettuce seeds. Little teensy seeds… and they grow into plants and trees.
Quadruple WOWS.

Extra Ordinary.


~ by Elaine Berglund on 20/05/2010.

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