Ordinary Miracles… Wild Weather and Deep Fried Consolation

Just to start off… like this great way that grocery stores have done… with the flower department. Ahhh… that is the native vetch in the blue vase and a blue flax (saucy little models!) and a red flower that I just made up because red would work.
A little oil painting detail.. the size is 8″x10″… this is a detail… teaser!

Fish and Fritters!!! Oh oh oh oh OH! Yummy! LoML’s simple flour batter no eggs. Half gets corn kernels, the other half gets cod fillets. He is so good …in the kitchen….

…Oh yes… there was also Coleslaw and lemons.

Just an amazing picture of snow crystals on the lilacs. How can one be anything less than amazed at the weather? 29 degrees to snow flurries in a matter of hours…36 but still. And the wind! and the clouds! There is such a great, viscerally satisfying smell of the earth with snow water on it. Inhale.

Apple pie in the oven. Cinnamon waft. Crunchy explosion of pastry and smoosh of cooked apples. Can you taste it? I hope so. Tea?

We notice everyday… just how good, how very good, it is. Miraculous really.


~ by Elaine Berglund on 01/06/2010.

2 Responses to “Ordinary Miracles… Wild Weather and Deep Fried Consolation”

  1. Elaine, I don’t think I know anyone who lives as fully and joyously as you do! The lilacs are just exquisite! I can’t remember what part of the world you live in…We’ve just had hot on top of hot for the past week or two. I wish it would cool down a bit!

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