Ordinary Miracles… Poppies! and …What the heck is Gluten free?

WOW, huh? They are bigger than a hand… that is one of the wows. The color is another wow. The purply black stamens are..  I could go on and on…

I could. Really.LoML was a kinda sad because after going to the doctor, the decision was made that he cannot eat gluten. Gluten has made it a point to malnourish him by destroying the lining in the small intestine!  apparently. A shocking betrayal, a very unpleasant  surprise to him as he was under the impression that they were getting on just fine together… wheat pasta, bread, pie crust, cookies.. well… you have seen the evidence of that misapprehension all over this blog.

There is no gluten in salads I chirped happily!     (mutter, mutter, mutter…)

Corn bread made with corn flour. DELICIOUS.

Rhubarb Pie. The dough for the crust  is a buttery pie dough like any pie dough recipe except using rice flour, corn flour (and a little less water).

The thickener in the rhubarb is tapioca.

What an interesting turn in the trip… changing the food we eat.

(tortillas, didn’t you always want to try out lupine flour? almond flour…my word, that has possibilities…)

The pie, if we are talking miracles, is one of them.   I love food. Love it.


~ by Elaine Berglund on 14/06/2010.

2 Responses to “Ordinary Miracles… Poppies! and …What the heck is Gluten free?”

  1. My sister Vanessa is celiac. Living gluten-free was tough at first and now second nature for her. Still kinda hard to cater to her if she’s coming for dinner, have to read the labels closely, especially sauces. It just requires a bit more planning. Looks like you’re adapting well…would love your recipe for the corn bread…mmm, looks so yummy! And the pie, looks to die for!
    Love your blogs, a joy to read

  2. Oh dear…I know of others who have to eat gluten free. Amazing how much of what we eat does contain gluten! LoYL is lucky to have you; I suspect you will find all kinds of wonderful things to eat and substitutions for him! All of these things look yummy!

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