Ordinary Miracles The Back Porch, Gluten Free Perogies, and an Amaranth

These are the seed of the amaranth plant… Inca food, for heaven’s sake! If anyone knows how to get the grain out of the husk, I would love to hear from you!

The gluten free perogy. Rice, garbanzo bean, tapicoca flours and potato cheddar cheese filling. LoML loved them. The part I never show on this blog is the process, hmm? The dishes and pots and pans etc. Isn’t that great?

Tomatoes from the garden!

The latest renovation project… the back porch. Donnaconda Board… Anaconda sister, is the walls. And these are the insulation pieces… Maclean’s Magazine and the New Yorker. 1953.

Here is a decade of bird’s nest in the ceiling and……..the lovely wall paper bits that were behind the Dad’s Cookies boxes… the insulation used for the west side. Archeology!

LoML contemplating the floor, what there is of it.

It will be beautiful or functional or both when it is done. Really.


~ by Elaine Berglund on 10/09/2010.

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