Ordinary Miracles -Sooo much to tell you…

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The purple poppies are up …this one in the salad part of the garden surrounded by arugula blossoms

The dietary change is going… better. Blueberry pancakes made with brown and white rice flour and tapioca flour (these are, of course, home milled organic flours… sheesh) We are compiling the recipes that work and are easy so anyone can make them. They can be a treat! Quinoa Cookies, Melt in Your Mouth Scones, Almond Bread. My favorite is the pan muffins. Adventures in textures. …in the kitchen?
BC cherries. Summer is so great.
The black raspberries are prolific this year. DELICIOUS! LoML says the taste is like grape koolaid. ‘K if that is what ‘refreshing’ tastes. The stocks have mean, mean, mean little thorns though. They always have.. they were born that way.

Arugula blossom salad… now this is heaven! and some fresh snap peas from the garden and a lemony dressing! Miam Miam.

On the renovation front, the back porch stairs expired after 60 years of service. It has been quite damp (understating it a bit) and they just …well… fell off. (Good morning… do you know where the stairs went?) Fortunately there was a sturdy step ladder to temporarily replace them. (…Hey LoML…it is temporary right?)

How do I know the age of the steps… the newspaper insulation, of course! Of course one would check the condition of the footings under the porch (the insulation location) Guess What? And another of course…What footings? !!! a 2×4 on bits and pieces on a bit of brick….Ahh that accounts for the bouncy floor. it wasn’t the only the floor that was bouncy. (How fortunate! The conversational starter could have been Good morning, my dear, she begins and sips her coffee, Have you seen the back porch recently?…etc)

Cedar plank, tung oil finish (We’ll try it.) A bit bigger than the old ones. Nice, hmmm? Solid.

The ubiquitous sunflower in the sun.


Ordinary Miracles… Poppies! and …What the heck is Gluten free?

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WOW, huh? They are bigger than a hand… that is one of the wows. The color is another wow. The purply black stamens are..  I could go on and on…

I could. Really.LoML was a kinda sad because after going to the doctor, the decision was made that he cannot eat gluten. Gluten has made it a point to malnourish him by destroying the lining in the small intestine!  apparently. A shocking betrayal, a very unpleasant  surprise to him as he was under the impression that they were getting on just fine together… wheat pasta, bread, pie crust, cookies.. well… you have seen the evidence of that misapprehension all over this blog.

There is no gluten in salads I chirped happily!     (mutter, mutter, mutter…)

Corn bread made with corn flour. DELICIOUS.

Rhubarb Pie. The dough for the crust  is a buttery pie dough like any pie dough recipe except using rice flour, corn flour (and a little less water).

The thickener in the rhubarb is tapioca.

What an interesting turn in the trip… changing the food we eat.

(tortillas, didn’t you always want to try out lupine flour? almond flour…my word, that has possibilities…)

The pie, if we are talking miracles, is one of them.   I love food. Love it.

Ordinary Miracles- Oriental Poppy Blue Flax and …Goulash

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the first poppy of the year (in this garden)…

is pretty spectacular.

The digital camera, yup. Thousands of pictures can be taken. Ephemeral. here are these Moments caught and maybe someone else will see this, and maybe not. It all happens now, and now, and now.
A white petal flower on the blue flax.

Scones breakfast! That is Liberte Méditerranée yogurt dolloped on that there crispiness. The vanilla one rivals whipped cream for taste. I am not kidding.

Love of My Life’s Goulash! All the root vegetables and beef. It is delicious. (He’s so great!) Rye bread and Swiss cheese…
another spoon of yogurt…the plain Krema version.

Wet earth garden, sunshine, the twinkling shade that breezy leaves make on the ground. Little green sprout popping out of the dirt from small, small seed… Now is a miracle.

Ordinary Miracles… Wild Weather and Deep Fried Consolation

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Just to start off… like this great way that grocery stores have done… with the flower department. Ahhh… that is the native vetch in the blue vase and a blue flax (saucy little models!) and a red flower that I just made up because red would work.
A little oil painting detail.. the size is 8″x10″… this is a detail… teaser!

Fish and Fritters!!! Oh oh oh oh OH! Yummy! LoML’s simple flour batter no eggs. Half gets corn kernels, the other half gets cod fillets. He is so good …in the kitchen….

…Oh yes… there was also Coleslaw and lemons.

Just an amazing picture of snow crystals on the lilacs. How can one be anything less than amazed at the weather? 29 degrees to snow flurries in a matter of hours…36 but still. And the wind! and the clouds! There is such a great, viscerally satisfying smell of the earth with snow water on it. Inhale.

Apple pie in the oven. Cinnamon waft. Crunchy explosion of pastry and smoosh of cooked apples. Can you taste it? I hope so. Tea?

We notice everyday… just how good, how very good, it is. Miraculous really.

Ordinary Miracles – The Smell of Spring…and the Poppyseed Coffee Ring

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Sunday! and the sun of it is behind drizzling clouds making the outside muddy and earth smelling… Ah…It says-Take the Day Off! What relaxing activity can I…

sweet bread dough around more poppy seeds please… (do you get cravings like that?)
Having never made this ring coffee cake before… I must say it turned out kinda spectacular.

The bread dough was mixed in the bread maker. The poppy seeds were ground with almonds and a few raisins and brown sugar. This is not in the quick recipe category. But delicious with the fresh ground coffee.

Dinner. Homous on fresh vegetables. I do have a figure to maintain…!!!
chick peas (garbanzo beans) tahini, lemon juice, garlic!!!, oil, chili peppers, sunflower or olive oil.

I read some of Alberto Manguel’s -Reading Pictures A History of Love and Hate.

Good Day.

Ordinary Miracles -Singing in the Rain + BBQ Rotisserie Chicken!

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Traditionally the garden is planted around this May long weekend. And that’s what happens around this traditional place.
It has been raining for a couple of days. Perfect muddy ground for the cold weather hardy vegetables. Peas, carrots, beets, spinach, lettuce, potatoes.

There are a few spots left for the tomatoes and other bedding plants that need some hardening. But basically the GARDEN IS IN!

The rotisserie for chicken dinner… (there was time for a restorative hot shower, which is a pleasure when cold, hmm?) The marinade for the chicken was simple and delicious… in the blender- paprika, onion, garlic, lemon, chilies, salt and oil.
put in a plastic bag… add the chicken.

This marinade for the vegetables as well…

Salad with the garlic dressing. Can you eat tooo much garlic? I will let you know I haven’t found that edge so far!!

1 lemon juice, 4 crushed cloves of garlic, 1 tblsp hot mustard, 1 tblsp horesradish, 1/4 c agave syrup, maple syrup or honey, 1/4 sunflower oil and salt to taste

or you can add grated Piave vecchio or asiago cheese…then it it suspiciously close to the Caesar salad dressing. If you do that… what the heck.. add the anchovies!

And because we worked so hard… poppyseed squares! This is an easy recipe… let me know if you want it!

Life, my lovely, is good. Breathing in. Miracles.

Ordinary Miracles -Pink Lady Apples and Seeds

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Pink lady apples in the sunlight. These are soooo gooooooood. Crisp and sweet and …a lovely sour surprise!

Don’t ya just love the drama of the weather? Sunlight and warmth and clouds and rain and wind driving it so hard the floor is wet 2 meters in. Wow. (the windows were open…just to be clear.)

Or the drama of cats. I am roused from my meditative practice of breathing by a couple of dull thuds. Odd.
LoML calls out… ‘You have to see this.’ oh oh.
The clay pot African Violet collection, is not longer in the cat safe position on a narrow window ledge. They are in a tumult of dirt and broken leaves and, astounding, unbroken pots! on the table.
I confess to being too agitated to take a photo and to being one of ‘those pet people’ that does believe that cats can be reasoned with.
Vacuum. Great… we have a brand new shop vac! Mind the area rugs. Re-pot the plants. Great. They need the watering. Wash the window and ledge… Great. A niggling job done. Put everything back.

10…9…8… the cat is on the table jumping into the plants! What the …!!!

A FLY! and irresistible fly. (I knew there had to be an explanation…he is such a good little, smittle, lovey smooshy… )

Seeds. Sweet pea seeds from last year. Genius design, hmmm? The pod curls and holds the seeds apart. This would land in the dirt and open so the seeds can root and make more sweet peas. Little poppy seeds, carrot and lettuce seeds. Little teensy seeds… and they grow into plants and trees.
Quadruple WOWS.

Extra Ordinary.