spider on a leaf

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spider on a leaf

one reason to not leave the towel outside to dry overnight …dried leaves are so scratchy.


ORDINARY MIRACLES painted house plum butter and metal

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I was hoping the pictures would supply the words, but they are just sitting there.. silent.  That is why green is so important as a conversation starter. LoML painted the whole house!  Spectacular! Sunflower, amaranth, alfalfa… cottage on the urban street.

Urban Street (comment 2)

This is one in a series of photos of the metal bits that the famous artist, Lasko Scheliha, found on the streets while cycling.

And these are some of the fortunate plums that are reduced to a

paste in jars… beautiful.

Ordinary Miracles -Good bye, Nature Boy

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There was a boy, a very strange enchanted boy, they say he wandered very far very far over land and sea…

The greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.

Ordinary Miracles The Back Porch, Gluten Free Perogies, and an Amaranth

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These are the seed of the amaranth plant… Inca food, for heaven’s sake! If anyone knows how to get the grain out of the husk, I would love to hear from you!

The gluten free perogy. Rice, garbanzo bean, tapicoca flours and potato cheddar cheese filling. LoML loved them. The part I never show on this blog is the process, hmm? The dishes and pots and pans etc. Isn’t that great?

Tomatoes from the garden!

The latest renovation project… the back porch. Donnaconda Board… Anaconda sister, is the walls. And these are the insulation pieces… Maclean’s Magazine and the New Yorker. 1953.

Here is a decade of bird’s nest in the ceiling and……..the lovely wall paper bits that were behind the Dad’s Cookies boxes… the insulation used for the west side. Archeology!

LoML contemplating the floor, what there is of it.

It will be beautiful or functional or both when it is done. Really.

Ordinary Miracles The Garden of Earthly Delights

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The sun through the day lilies…this is the light to inhale…doesn’t this color smell divine?
This cornbread is made with the home ground popcorn meal! Fabulous texture and taste that is rich. Raspberries squished around and about. The back ground in this picture is the great sun hat the LoML bought for me as a surprise. Isn’t he delightful?
Peas. Don’t they just mean summer? The treasure hunt of them. We also planted some peas like the fields of peas that farmers plant. They are vigorous and hold onto each other in a tight vertical to be over three feet high. Pea soup this winter. Wow.

Early morning sunshine through the fresh raspberry pancake and… yogurt. The flour in this is from garbanzo beans…!?! it is very good, very! How lucky to come across all these choices.
The flowers on the purple potato plant. Amethyst.
Poppy. There is a little field of them… even in the neighbour’s yard.

Is this an indigenous plant? The local blue bell type. I love the camera.

Ordinary, extraordinary miraculousness.

Ordinary Miracles

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real apricots… miam miam The color the texture one can see how they inspire a confiture.

Boy I hope you weren’t thinking that weight loss would be a consequence of the gluten free diet. (Actually I kinda was) But leave it to the fluffy girl to find a way to get those calories stabilized right back up there in the higher eschelons…I love food so food loves me.
This pan fried bread is delicious …like naan bread. No yeast but the texture is similar and the taste is divine.

Raspberries… just before they become raspberry butter. Melt the butter add powdered sugar until saturated add crushed raspberries. Spread on the scones… or the pan bread… or the muffins…

So these have bean flours and rice flour and fibre and … LoML looks at them looks at me and asks…Are we eating ‘Health Foods’?
It has come to this. Fortunately.

Life is a bowl of cherries. Swallow the pits… it is roughage.


Ordinary Miracles -Sooo much to tell you…

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The purple poppies are up …this one in the salad part of the garden surrounded by arugula blossoms

The dietary change is going… better. Blueberry pancakes made with brown and white rice flour and tapioca flour (these are, of course, home milled organic flours… sheesh) We are compiling the recipes that work and are easy so anyone can make them. They can be a treat! Quinoa Cookies, Melt in Your Mouth Scones, Almond Bread. My favorite is the pan muffins. Adventures in textures. …in the kitchen?
BC cherries. Summer is so great.
The black raspberries are prolific this year. DELICIOUS! LoML says the taste is like grape koolaid. ‘K if that is what ‘refreshing’ tastes. The stocks have mean, mean, mean little thorns though. They always have.. they were born that way.

Arugula blossom salad… now this is heaven! and some fresh snap peas from the garden and a lemony dressing! Miam Miam.

On the renovation front, the back porch stairs expired after 60 years of service. It has been quite damp (understating it a bit) and they just …well… fell off. (Good morning… do you know where the stairs went?) Fortunately there was a sturdy step ladder to temporarily replace them. (…Hey LoML…it is temporary right?)

How do I know the age of the steps… the newspaper insulation, of course! Of course one would check the condition of the footings under the porch (the insulation location) Guess What? And another of course…What footings? !!! a 2×4 on bits and pieces on a bit of brick….Ahh that accounts for the bouncy floor. it wasn’t the only the floor that was bouncy. (How fortunate! The conversational starter could have been Good morning, my dear, she begins and sips her coffee, Have you seen the back porch recently?…etc)

Cedar plank, tung oil finish (We’ll try it.) A bit bigger than the old ones. Nice, hmmm? Solid.

The ubiquitous sunflower in the sun.